Dear Parents
We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer and that you are feeling recharged and ready for the new academic year. Club Engage is so delighted to be a part of your child’s educational journey as we partner with his/her school. We are a family of families dedicated to growing awesome South African children! We offer affordable out of school care to pre-school and primary school children at our centres across the country. We want all kids to feel engages, welcome and cared for, so our programmes have been designed to grow core capabilities in children, so they flourish in life. Some additional information has been added below.

Our Values

First and foremost, for ourselves, the children in our care and the families & school communities we partner with.

We are always willing to step into the shoes of the other person. Understand their feelings and
use that to guide our actions.

Flexibility in both mind and body counter balanced by the ability to recover when things don’t go according to plan.

Care and Curiosity
At the heart of all we do. Actively embracing each other’s ideas and valuing our diversity for the strength it brings.

At its source: joy and passion. Our environment inspires this for all staff and children alike.

Our Programme

R– Run and Play (Supporting children’s
gross motor development through outdoor play, organised sport and games)

E– Experiments and Science. Future
Proofing by learning about the world around us.

A– Arts (The Arts provide a place to explore creativity through crafts, dance, music and drama)

C– Create ( Using team-based activities to build creativity, collaboration and communication skills that incorporate literacy, numeracy and life skills)

H– Health (Supporting children’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing through fun and supporting activities

Every week we offer our REACH
programme which includes activities in the above areas.

For more information about Club Engage, please click on the button below to download the full Aftercare Welcome Letter.