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Jubilate Primary School offers aftercare as a privately run service to our learners.

Sherpa Kids brings South African parents an internationally benchmarked, structured and professional program, wrapped up with lots of love and care. Our focus is to provide a loving, caring, home-away-from-home environment for your child where loads of learning, fun and personal development take place. Sherpa Kids is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for the quality care of school-aged children through a well-balanced program.

Aftercare includes a structured, fun-filled afternoon that is centred on Learning Through Play: weekly themes linked to daily engaging activities.

Holiday Care includes entertaining and activity-packed days. Each day is centred on its own theme making each day quite unique.


AC: 12h30 - 18h00

HC: 07h00 - 18h00


Stephanie Carter

079 340 7477

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