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Situated in Midrand

We are a Christian based, independent, Primary School that is situated in Midrand, Gauteng



Jubilate is a fully accredited member of ISASA - the Independent Schools Association of South Africa



Our curriculum and standards are within the framework of the IEB - Independent Examination Board

Jubilate was started jointly by the local Anglican, Lutheran, AFM and NG churches in Midrand in January 1999. These churches felt that there was a definite need for an affordably priced independent Christian school in Midrand, which is aimed at the middle income group. The school is based firmly on Christian principles. We accept learners from all population groups and also from all religious affiliations.

A Small School

Valentines Day 2015 (FILEminimizer)A small school with small classes (with an average of 24 learners per class)

It is our intention to increase the numbers in the school each year until we reach a maximum of 300 learners. We aim to remain small enough so that we can give each learner in our school the necessary individual attention that a developing child requires.

A Wide Spectrum of Subjects

E1 (FILEminimizer)A wide spectrum of subjects which include :- Mathematics ; English first language ; Afrikaans second language ; Natural Science ; Social Science ; Technology ; Economic Management Science ;  Life Orientation ; Art / Craft ; Bible education ; Library

Extra Curricular Activities

Christian Activities

E10 (FILEminimizer)Christian Activities include Regular Assemblies with a Bible reading, prayer and hymn singing. All teaching is done from a Christian perspective. Bible lessons are compulsory and Scripture Union is optional.


20130430_110051 (FILEminimizer)The School has an After-care facility, operating each afternoon up until 17h30. The costs are over and above school fees. Application and registration may be made through the office.

This provides for after-care every day of the week, as well as all school holidays from ±12 January to ±12 December each year, including mid-term breaks. Any Public Holidays within this period are excluded.

School Fees & Related Info

We are a registered NPO and PBO. Our school receives no subsidies or sponsorships and is therefore totally dependent on school fees.

School fees are payable in advance by the 3rd of each month.

Failure to do so could result in legal action. Debit orders, cheques or bank transfers are preferred.

Parents must provide the School Office with the correct and accurate information as requested on the enrolment forms.

Costs include an assessment fee which is payable on the day of assessment, a registration fee to secure a place in the school and the monthly payments.

The tariffs are applicable from 1st January – 31 December. Payments run on a ten month basis.

The fees cover schooling, physical education, Art and Craft supplies, text and reading books, as well as exercise books.

PLEASE NOTE – School fees DO NOT include: uniforms, outings or stationery.

NB: No child will be enrolled unless the registration fee has been paid in full, and the required registration forms have been completed accurately and correctly.

A full term’s notice is required in the event of a pupil leaving the School, or cancelling the After-care facility.

School Hours

The school office hours are from 07h00-15h30 weekdays during the term, with flexible hours during school holidays.

School Day Starts       07h30 (All Grades)

School Day Ends         13h00 - Grade 0

13h15 – Grades 1 & 2

13h40 – Grades 3 to 7

Extra Mural Activities

All sports and cultural related extra-mural activities currently provided by the school are offered free of charge. These include soccer, netball (winter), athletics, cricket and tennis (summer). Drama, debating, public speaking, ball skills, chess, remedial and extra lessons (as required) will also be presented throughout the year. The school also has a Scripture Union which meets once a week.

We also present an annual musical or Eisteddfod production in which all learners and staff are expected to participate.

Ballet, golf and martial arts are offered as optional extras, at an additional cost.

Remedial and Occupational Therapy can be provided for children at the request of school or the parent, at an additional cost. These classes are conducted during school hours, on school premises, by qualified therapists.


Board of Trustees - The school is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of the principal, nominated parents and representatives of local churches. The Board is responsible for all major decisions.

Affiliations - We are registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and ISASA.

School calendar -  Three Term calendar followed by ISASA schools

Drop-off / Pick-up of pupils

Please note that the school gates open at 07h00 daily. Please do not drop your child / ren in front of a closed gate, as this poses a direct threat to your child’s safety and well-being.

School closes at different times on respective days, and parents are notified that only a parent / guardian or any other authorized person may collect children.

Please be sure to collect your children at the prescribed time. Penalties will be levied on late collections.

Children not collected on time, and who are not doing extra-mural activities will be taken to After-care, and the parent’s account will be debited accordingly.

Office Hours

The school office is open from  07h00 - 15h30 on weekdays during the term, and with flexible hours during school holidays..

Reports and Parent’s Evenings

Pupils will be issued with a report at the end of each term. The class teacher and the Principal sign these. A Parent’s evening will be held each term in order to discuss any concerns, problems or progress of pupils; or any other school related topics.

Supervision of Children

Supervision of children is provided at all times during the school day, from 07h30 to close of school day, by teachers of the school. Children in After-care are supervised by the After-care supervisors. The School cannot be held responsible for learners not attending sport or After-care, but who are left to wait for parents.

Aftercare - Additional Info

During the school term, Aftercare operates from 13h00 until 17h30.

During the holidays, Aftercare operates from 07h30 until 17h30. (Please do not drop your child at Aftercare before this time - it is quite alarming for your child when they are the only one on the property).

A holiday program is run during the school holidays, with an activity of some sort planned for at least 2 days of the week. These activities may, from time-to-time, be at an additional cost.

During the school term, the afternoon is made up as follows:

13h00 – 14h00: lunch is served

Free time is from the end of lunch until the start of homework.

14h00 – Homework time for all grades begins.

At 16h00, we break for a well-deserved snack time. The children then have free time until they are collected. Those children who still have homework will however return to a combined homework class, and continue their homework.