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Jubilate Primary School in Midrand

We are an independent primary school that is situated in Crowthorne, Midrand.

Our school was founded in 1999.

Jubilate Primary School has a lot to offer in terms of education and extra-curricular activities.

Our premises are in a quiet area of Midrand that consists largely of small holdings. This lends to our environment having an “out in the country” feel that translates into surroundings that are conductive to stress free learning, along with a feeling of being far from traffic and the hustle and bustle of city life.

The school is registered with the Department of Education. We are also members of ISASA, and we are accredited with UMALUSI.

Our curriculum follows the standards and framework of the IEB – Independent Examination Board.

What Parents have said

“Lovely small school environment, our daughter has been there for seven years and is excelling academically and in sport.”

“A great Christian school with values that provide a great foundation for the children.”

“This is a school, second home to our children where they go without us worrying about the events of the day. The Christian values are upheld and our children are learning to be assertive in Christ.”

“The foundation of our children is what shapes them tomorrow. I must say my Daniella is happiest when she sharing replaying her school day to me. The eyes are lit up. Thanks again for creating a safe place for them to learn to be independent and free among their peers.”

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54 Mercury Rd, Crowthorne, Midrand


061 454 8809


082 623 4090